To Roam, er, Rome With Love

Saw To Rome With Love, the new Woody Allen movie on Saturday.

Sorry to say this felt like one of his lesser efforts. There were a few laughs scattered through the movie, but overall it seemed not fully formed and muddled. As if he grabbed a handful of idea notes from a drawer and tried to cobble them together somehow.

On the other hand even a second rate Woody Allen film is better than a lot of what passes for entertainment these days. And it is shot in Rome. Maybe the title is a pun? The movie does seem to roam around a bit. Maybe the title is a pun?

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Brain full o’ toots!

I am a movie goin’ fool, as most of my friends will attest. My wife and I see anywhere between 50 to 60 movies a year in a real movie theater. I do not count rentals and stuff I TiVo on Showtime. Last weekend I saw the trailer for The Campaign, starring Will Ferrell and Zack Galafinakis. The movie looks like it came from some of the improvisations these two did on Between Two Ferns.

During the trailer, Zack’s character says something about butt toots. It made me laugh. This blog is probably going to wind up being filled with my brain toots, so I may as well start now.

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Hello world!

Greetings loved ones, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and passers-by,
After over six months of fear and loathing, blood, sweat and other bodily fluids, I have finally completed the completely complete revamping, redesigning and re-imaging of my now fabulous, fantastically, freakishly fearsome, fanatical website.
You may now kneel before me in supplication.

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